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    Well, I'm quite enjoying this competition, so here's another contribution.

    This one also involves my friend James at the naturist club, but this time the stiffy was mine, not his.

    We were having a drink outside the bar, when he said that he had something to show me when we were finished. After our drinks we went to his static caravan, and he said he had some videos to lend me, that had been passed to him by Stuart. Stuart is another full time member at the club, and together with about four other guys have an understanding that interesting video clips can be passed around within the group. This activity apparently goes back to the days of video tapes and DVDs, but nowadays the exchanges are pretty well all on USB memory sticks.

    'But look at this one,' James said.'I don't know if he meant me to see this one, but he's given it to me so I've watched it. It's one he and Rose (Stuart's wife) have made of themselves.' He put the memory stick into his laptop, and played the file. I immediately recognised the two people, of course, but I had never seen them like this. Stuart is tall, blond and blue-eyed. Rose is quite the opposite - petite, slender and with lustrous black hair. I had seen them naked lots of times of course, but not in any sexual way. Rose is really quite discreet when naked, as are most ladies at the club. But in the video, filmed in the privacy of their static caravan, things were very different. From the beginning of the clip, Stuart had a full erection. He was reclining on the sofa, and Rose was between his legs and was wanking him. She sucked his cock briefly, then turned around so that Stuart could see her pussy while she wanked him again.

    I should remind you that we were in a naturist club, so James and I were both naked. It was a bit of a shock to see somebody whom I had only seen in a social nudity context, suddenly exposed in this blatantly sexual way, and my cock started very quickly to respond. This was the source of my embarrassment at developing a stiffy. James and I share experiences, and sometimes share video clips, but only for private consumption, on our own or with our respective wives. So I was trying to keep my lags together, and push my erection down out of sight. But James is not stupid, and was obviously aware of my predicament. He suddenly said, 'Will you excuse me for about 20 minutes? I have to go and see Roger (another member).'He left the video clip running, and clearly left me to sort myself out. I watched Rose finish wanking Stuart. I saw him ejaculate an impressive amount of cum, and saw it run down her hand, wrist and forearm. There was a break in the video, and then it was Rose's turn to be pleasured. I had of course never seen her with her legs apart before, but now it was a real treat - he caressed her inner thighs, traced his fingers along the groove of her pussy, and slipped a finger into her cunt. Since I was on my own, I was openly masturbating by this point. She reached under a cushion and took out a simple, cream coloured vibrator, which she used while he kept his finger in her. She came very quickly. I took the liberty of stopping the video, and running it back a minute or so, and made myself come while I watched her orgasm again.

    I found a box of tissues, and cleaned myself up, and my erection had subsided by the time James came back about five minutes later. Nothing was said, but I'm quite sure he knew exactly what I'd been doing.

    He lent me the memory sticks and I took them back to my wife, and we watched them the next morning. It was a bit of a shock to her to see Stuart and Rose like that, but it very quickly turned her on too, and we masturbated each other to orgasm while we watched. I know that this last part isn't strictly an account of an embarrassing stiffy, but it was a direct consequence, and you did ask for all the juicy details.


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      Wow Jammyman- this naturist club sounds like such a wonderful place! Full of sexy open minded people- I would love to join! I can see the difference between seeing someone naked and seeing them in a sexual context and it would be a very erotic experience the first time! Like entering a completely new territory.....

      Another great addition to the competition- which is nearly over! I expected some more members to pipe in on this one, but alas people may want to keep these stories to themselves hehe


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        Well, it's 30 April, so there's just time for one more submission.

        This one is a bit different, in that the embarrassment didn't come from the stiffy being in public or among strangers. It came simply from being 'caught'.

        My wife had gone to see her friend Margaret, and said she would be a while because she had to do some food shopping on the way back. I settled in our living room, and after a while decided to have a look at a DVD that my friend had lent me. It was a compilation of videos of young amateur women being interviewed and persuaded to masturbate on camera. I soon had a full erection, and was masturbating gently while I watched, when suddenly the door opened, and there was my wife with a shopping bag in each hand. She knows that I masturbate, and has seen me do it countless times (as I know that she masturbates, and have seen her do it countless times). Nevertheless, I was momentarily mortified at being unexpectedly caught in that way. Irrational, I know, but the feeling was powerful, and qualifies this as an 'embarrassing stiffy' story. She explained later that Margaret hadn't been in, and that was why she was home a lot earlier than expected.

        She wasn't embarrassed, though, and having instantly taken in the sight of my cock and what I was doing with it, she turned her attention to the screen. 'What are you watching?, she asked. I briefly explained, and tried to excuse myself by claiming that I was checking the DVD to see if there was anything on it that she might like. She said, 'I like what I'm looking at now'. Then added, 'Can you wind this segment back to the beginning, so that I can watch it properly?' She was still standing with her shopping bags in her hand, and she turned and took them out, then went upstairs.

        She returned a few minutes later, completely naked, and carrying her favourite vibrator. It's her oldest one, a simple 7 inch cream coloured vibrator with a twist switch which gives variable intensity control. 'OK,' she said, and I started the video again so that she could watch the segment again properly. We simply masturbated together, side by side. She came before I did.


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          I am not sure if this is too late.
          it is only 5pm on the 30th here in the states. Hope this story is ok.


          My story happened on a family ski retreat in January a few years back. My Girl Friend (Erin) and I had been dating for about 6-8months. Her family always takes a family ski trip with her parents a few friends and grandparents. My girl friend, her parents, and a few friends had been on the mountain skiing for 6 or so hours. The weather was getting really windy and cold so we decided to go back to the house suite we had at the lodge.

          Everyone decided to go get something to eat but my girl friend and I decided to stay back in the room eat sandwiches and get in the hot tube outside on the private balcony. After everyone had been gone for 15min or so we got naked and got in the hot tube. After maybe 15min we both realized this was the first time we been alone in 5 days so we started making out and filling each other up. As I began to finger her and she started relaxing too much to keep her head above the water so she asked that we go inside to finish.

          We dried off as fast as we could and opened the door with us both totally naked. I threw her down on the couch and stuck my penis inside her soaking we pussy. She smiled at me and said “please make me cum!”. I took that as a sign to step up pumping her harder and faster. She started moaning and after maybe 7min or so she said “fuck me as hard as you can baby, I am so close”. I started pounding as hard as I could. I was starting to be stressed out some thinking I was going to cum before she did when it happened…

          The door to the suite opened… I sat strait up and was so startled that I started to cum. So I grabbed anything I could around me to cover up. I grabbed a coat that was laying over the top of the couch and laid it over my naked penis while the cum keep spewing out all over my legs, the couch and the coat.

          My girl friends mom walked in and yelled “shit Erin were you having sex under dads (my girl friends grandfather) coat?” She looked strait the bulge in the coat as my cock was standing strait up under the coat spewing cum.

          Erin said “get out mom! give us a minute!”

          Her mom slammed the door upset and Erin looked at me and said “did you just cum all over the coat?”

          I said “yeah”

          We got dressed and tried to clean the coat but we still could see colored stains on it. Her family eventually came back to the suite. Her mom looked at the coat and could tell we did not clean it all the way off. She gave us both a pissed off look. I was stressed the rest of the trip thinking about what I did and hoping her mom would not say anything.

          To this day I don’t think Erin’s mom ever told her dad or anyone else.


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            Oh smokynudist that was just in time and I am so glad! What a great story! I was giggling like mad by the end, hahaha. Gosh that is terribly embarrassing- for all parties involved! Were you and Erin ever able to have a laugh about it, or was it always the "time no one speaks of"? Quick thinking grabbing something to cover you up, but so unfortunate it had to be the fathers coat, as if being caught by the parents isn't bad enough! You can't make this stuff up. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

            I will determine the winner by the end of the week and we can chat about what you want as your prize


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              I almost missed your last one Jammyman- another great addition! You know you have been working in porn too long when the ending of "she came before I did" caused an almost "aww" reaction hehehe. Mutual masturbation is super hot- you and your wife have such an admirable relationship X


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                Hey Darcy thanks for the nice comments! For the first month or so we talked about it like "we are in so much trouble" after we were around Erin's parents a few times more (maybe over a few months) we were able to laugh at it since it seemed as if her parents were not going to bring it up or act like it even happened. (so we are in the clear). Now Erin looks at me and smiles every time we see him wear the coat or we see it at her parents house hanging by the door. (although you cant see the stains anymore, so someone or something cleaned it) I did ask Erin a while back if she thought her mom cleaned the coat. She looked at me and said "do not even go there!" (laughing but serious at same time)


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                  I would like to thank Darcy for this competition - thanks for your encouragement and appreciative comments. I've enjoyed making a few contributions - I hope they've provided a bit of fun and stimulation for the members (perhaps even for some of the staff too!)


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                    Well guys it is a really HARD (hehe) competition to judge- but I think that my very favourite was Finknottles- the image of a whole class of girls standing around him while his cock was hard through his tight leotard to just too good! I would like to thank Jammyman SO much for so many submissions- all of which were great, and thoroughly enjoyed. Smokynudist your story was very funny and I loved it too! This was a toughie but I gotta pick just one! I am leaving for a holiday for the next three weeks but I will post another competition soon after my return!! X