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  • Amber and Gretta

    In response to what you wrote on the news page today, I put both hands up to see these two together. Oh boy!

    So they expressed a desire to get to know each other a bit better? Have they met yet or did you show them the pics of each other? I would love to have heard the conversation.

    I think they would be great together, they look different from each other which is always nice and if they are already building up a lust for one another, then I say go for it!

    Let us know how it pans out, if this shoot goes ahead. Hope you can get some video too, especially if things get a bit steamy!

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    Gretta and Amber are hot to trot!!

    Hi Ya Girlsarelurvly, (You're a great contributor on the forums - keep it up!)

    Good news, Amber and Gretta have seen each others photos and are really attracted to the one another. Amber told me she's now got blonde hair which should be an excellent contrast to Gretta's long brunette hair. They are both the same height and size too which is nice - so they should fit into a double bed very snuggly.

    We're now having three way conversations to get the day and time sheduled into our diaries. We may shoot at Amber's house, although she lives down the coast it could be nice to make a day trip out of it - stop along the way for a swim and fish n chips.

    Gretta lives in a tiny flat with not much light so we probably wont shoot there. I prefer to shoot in natural light - so hopefully Amber's house will have big ocean views and massive windows.

    It's exciting to think that the 2 are going to finally meet - after viewing their photos and admiring them on the computer for so long - they will be creaming themselves to finally get to touch and kiss each other all over.

    Note to self: Charge batteries to the maxium, bring extra digitial video tapes & compact flash cards, lubrication, toys (optional), massage oils, etc.

    If you can think of anything else I might need for this shoot send me a reply.
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      Very cool, I'm feeling the excitement here thousands of miles away and I'm not even involved in the shoot. Your mention of Fish and Chips warms my heart as a Brit, memories of the seaside and where I grew up. A swim I'm afraid is more likely to be indoors here in Blighty, as its already turned a little cooler. You lucky Aussies are heading toward summer, plenty of time to enjoy your lovely beaches.

      Back on topic, good to hear its moving along. I'd just let it flow naturally, heck if they wanna do it in different positions, different rooms or are still going after two hours, just make sure you've got enough tape/film! They aren't in any rush anyhow. I know you have to edit it etc but hey having too much good stuff is better than not having enough, even though you know you can't put it all up.

      If I think of anything else to take I'll post again later but I must go in a minute!

      Gonna be interesting to see Amber with blonde hair, I've no doubt she's looking just as spunky as before. And it's still Amber right!, a small change to the appearance doesn't change the girl. Gretta is fantastic, really pretty with a lovely smile and fully worthy of being on your front page. I too like Gretta's long flowing dark hair and also hope she will keep her nice dark pubes for this shoot!

      Talk to you later

      PS : Thanks Annie for the compliment. As well as being able to talk to members and GOW enthusiasts, I'm am encouraged to post by the fact you and Mad Max actually come onto the boards and talk with members etc. The site already has a really nice personal touch and friendly feel and you guys/gals taking time out to post and listen to us is a bonus! And of course we already have the lovely Caitlyn posting, cool to see members already getting involved with the site, especially female ones! Its about time and hopefully we can continue to provoke some lively and sexy discussions.
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        GG action confirmed

        HI Girlsareluverly,

        It's gonna happen b/w Amber and Gretta. Either this Friday or next Friday and I have the money to pay them thanks to an increase in membership this week.

        As Amber used to be a hairdresser in a previous life she is prone to spontaneous changes of hair colour. When we first shot her in February she was an auburn brunette, now she's told me she's blonde - but by the time Friday comes around who knows what colour hair she will have. But rest assured, Gretta will have a full bush of pubic hair and long brunnette locks on her head. Amber usually trims or shaves her pussy so we should be able to cater for all tastes in the one shoot.

        There will be video and pictures - so don't worry - I wont stop the cameras rolling at all!!

        take it easy



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          Man, I'm really looking forward to this now. Seeing the lovely Gretta's face (and more besides!) today really reminds me how potentially sexy this coupling could be. I don't think either Gretta or Amber will be disappointed when they meet in the flesh.

          Sounds like you're quite excited yourself about the first hardcore g/g shoot Annie, certainly on the news page the paragraphs about this shoot are getting spicey.

          Well hope this is the first of many successful steamy g/g shoots, looking forward to Gretta chatting here too! Please pass on the message to both girls that they are really sexy, each in their own way and make for a beautiful pairing!

          See ya.


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            Amber and _____________??

            Amber's been called away to Sydney for one week to do some promotional work witht the Motor show. Can you imagine her checking your ticket and handing out show bags with that big Colgate smile!!!! She'll be in her element around all those rev head men.

            She's back next week so look out!!

            Gretta had to ask her boyfriend about the GG shoot and apparently he was not very impressed. Why do boyfriends get in the way of their girlfriend's sexual expression. That really pisses me off. Girls have this wonderful opportunity to explore their sexuality and get paid for it - whereas (unfortunately for them), most guys don't have that opportunity. Unless of course they wanted to become a Gigolo - and I'm told that is a very slow profession.

            So I'm absolutely positive that Amber has loads of girlfriends she'd like to give cunnilingus too (on camera).....!!!


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              Aw shucks, a lovely bisexual girl like Gretta gets the chance to explore her full sexuality, she gets excited by the idea of hooking up with Amber and then bf steps in. I have seen this happen before. Ah well I better not slag him off too much, cos I've never been in a position where a gf said "oh I wanna do a g/g shoot for this really quality site on the net". So I haven't thought about how I would react myself. Suffice to say though that I would be more open minded and thinking about her needs and what's good for our relationship, as well as myself. He might wonder whether he made the right decision.

              Anyway good luck to Amber for the trip, I hope she comes back happy and horny enough to hook up for some nice Sapphic action for us! Tho I still hope for a last minute Gretta turn around (cos she's awesome too), hopefully there are enough spunky girls who would love to sample the wonderful Amber's talents.

              Well thanks for keeping us up to date anyway, good to know you are just as frustrated as us here! But you remain positive and determined to make something good out of this. Have a great weekend.


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                Amber returned from Sydney in one piece and was straight on the phone to girlsoutwest about the impending g/g photo shoot.

                Amber is a smart girl. She suggested doing a shoot with her new flat mate and old friend Cindy. They've been mates for ages and do alot of partying together - you know - drinking, dancing, picking up men, seduction in the toilets etc.

                Cindy has only just moved into Ambers flat and was really keen on the idea. Cindy has just recently dumped her boyfriend so she was very excited at the idea of getting her pussy licked and stroked and have her bottom slapped by anybody. Amber jumped at the opportunity to show off her cunnilingus skills. She's been with many girls in her short life and loves nothing better than licking the inner labia of her friends. Have you heard the story about her slumber part? She tells all her secrets in her videos.

                Here's a couple of pics of the 2 girls at home alone. Would you like to see more? The photo set and video will be on site shortly. Exactly when is hard to say - but shortly....
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                  I'm just so glad Amber finally got hooked up for a g/g! She looks really spunky with the new blonde hair and must have made Cindy real hot, as I'm sure Cindy did for her!

                  Knowing they're flatmates is even more sexy. And you know I love good cunnilingus between two women, especially when they dive in there like that pussy is the tastiest thing that they've been craving for ages.

                  Well, I'll wait patiently for this one for sure, good to see Amber again and what a transformation too! The slumber party tale is just one of many cool stories she has. Oh my god would I love to have been a girl for a day, in attendance at that party!

                  See ya!