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    Hi Annie and hello everybody

    I can see that your site has increased its content since my last membership, and that is very good! I especially like that you're constantly adding videos... a few sites haven't really understood that, adding 1 or 2 videos a month

    I was just wondering Annie... are there any chance of you and some of your beautiful models to make some intimate videos?? The natural thing that happens to most girls once a month... To be able to take part in something so feminine and intimate is a major turn-on!

    Maybe as a gentle start, you can film the girl(s) as they change their pad... That would be really really awesome!!

    Hope to hear your thoughts on this...

    Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards from Pantyman

    PS: i also have another idea... regarding panties...

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    Hello Pantyman and welcome to the forums. Great to have you posting on the forums! Very welcome indeed.

    Yes we are increasing the uploading of videos. This week (or next week) I plan to put a complete video up on Wednesdays and another on Friday. This will be all the girls video going up in one go. (We no longer stretch the videos out over weeks - this is because membership has increased so much and we have a new video editor who is really very affordable - and I can get him to do more vids than ever before) And there's a huge backlog of vids too which I intend to get onto the site asap.

    Regarding your request for menstruating models. How interesting! I am sure we can incorporate this into a shoot in the very near future. I know of a couple of very open-minded models that may be interested. Glynn is a good example. She's very liberated, and natural and willing to please. She's done a couple of shoots with us and we've become quite good friends so I think I might send her a quick email and ask her what she thinks about it. Also, Dandy (another redhead.....) might be into the idea.

    My last longterm boyfriend was also really fascinated by the woman's menstral cycle. Frequently I would catch him interrupting me in the toilet whilst I had my pants down at my ankles and leg up trying to insert a tampon. He would love the smell of blood too. And we would always fuck like animals when I was bleeding - apparently it's very unlikely to get pregnant whilst your menstruating. Anyway, after all the sex, he would walk around the house naked with his big penis (still erect) covered in blood. I would have to ask him over and over to take a shower, or wash the blood off.

    Sometimes I would worry that he'd go through the rubbish bins looking for my sanitary items when I wasn't in the house.

    I thought it a bit strange - but I think he may have a bit of a fetish for this. I remember getting really pissed off at him - for invading my privacy. But I've since become more interested in this little "special interest". And I'm very keen to learn more about it.

    So panty man, please do share your story of all things menstrual with us:

    What turns you on about menstruation blood?
    Do you like the act of chaning the tampon, pad?
    Have you had intimate relations with a girlfriend in the past that's invited you to be privvy to such private things as sanitary pads and blood?

    The attached pic shows a recent model (Tyler) who was menstruating at the time. She had a tampon inserted and we got the occasional shot of the string poking out of the labia. I know it's not a full sanitary pad but it's just something to prove that we are very "Menstral Friendly"!

    For other signs of menstral blood check out Hannah on the rocks - she started bleeding during the shoot and you can see some smeared blood on the outer labia. Also check out chubby girl Christine Black, she was just finishing her period so still had the tampon in and takes it out during the shoot but unfortunately it wasn't covered in blood....damn!
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      Hi Annie!!

      WOW!! Thanks for the quick reply and the excellent response.

      I'm just about to go to work, but i had to reply to your email.

      I'm definitely a 'pad-man'... its ok to watch tampon change/insertion, but nothing is as sexy and erotic to watch a girl change her pad!!
      She pull her panties down, and we can see her soiled pad... she replaces it with a new pad and pulls her panties up.... mmmm-mmmmm (and for those really open minded and maybe a bit kinky models? they could maybe smell their soiled pad...)

      Will write more later...

      Have a great day!!!

      Best regards from Pantyman


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        Must admit my Libido shoots up when I'm on the blob and we have had some excellent fucks during menstruation and orgasms seem more intense though I am not aware if there is any physiological reason why that should be so. To some this might seem gross but as hubby and I are both in to analingus the act of whipping out a blood sodden tampon and then fucking like there is no tomorrow is comparatively tame.

        Have to say Hubby has never been turned on by walking around with a blood stained dick, in any case afterwards we both showered 'cos as you know fucking during a heavy flow causes an absolute mess and is not a pretty sight!!!!! Blood, bits and spunk congeal very quickly and mats easily on the pubes. Also the blood seems to spread all over the legs and thighs and bum. I think your former lover's attitude was a bit spooky to say the least. Did he have the hard-on 'cos his dick had your blood on it or would he have been hard anyway?

        Actually whilst there are some niche "menstruation sites" you would be surprised how many people are turned off by tampon play and the whole business of having during a woman's period. I suspect that that had I written this post elsewhere (and I'm referring to more than one forum) I would have a lot of adverse comment and one or two people reaching for the smelling salts. Incredible but true. Some people may call tampon play and menstrual sex as perverted when in fact the beauty is in the intimacy of the act.


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          Yeah, but isn't it a bit smelly?


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            Well of course it is sometimes, but you can do things to alleviate that. But really Fancier, I never had you as a member of the timid brigade – that’s the sort of question one would get in the rarefied atmosphere of the forums!!!!!! In any case once you are turned on, smell does not become an issue. Mind you afterwards I like to get cleaned up ASAP!!!!!!


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              While on the subject of pongs...

              This conversation has brought to mind my favourite limerick:

              There was a young fellow from Bude
              Who fingered his girl while they queued.
              A man just in front
              Gave a sniff, and said "Cunt!",
              Just like that,
              Right out loud,
              Bloody rude!


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                if only i knew the pad changing thing a few weeks ago lol

                u should of told annie weeks ago abot your thought lol thats the reason why i took so long to do the photo shoots lol oh well if no one will do it annie call me lol i bleed heaps ewwwwwww
                its only changing a pad lol how hard can that be but smelling it umm dont think so do u have any idea what it smells like.
                i think it would be funny to do but in a fun way not sexuall hahaha
                Last edited by cassie; 05-25-2005, 11:57 PM.


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                  cut & paste

                  Sorry you lost all your juicy text. It's always good to type lengthly posts in Outlook (or similar) then cut and paste them into the forums. It's a horrible feeling to loose your well chosen words. I look forward to reading your scenarios though - especially as we have a very keen model - Go Cassie Go. She can sniff so don't worry about that.

                  Originally posted by padman
                  I just spent over 30min writing different scenes regarding this, and i got the message i wasn't logged and lost everything that i had written!!



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                    what do u mean by she can sniff lol haha u r funny
                    come over here and ill squirt ya with me stick cummy milk LOL


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                      Bring on the blood

                      I think we can make this happen (sooner rather than later). We'll do the pad change (including sniffing) and the honest talk about the menstruation cycle, heavy days, light days etc. And throw in a bit of masturbation at the end just for fun!

                      Cassie - if you're out there = when are you due to start your period? I bought some pads when I was last at the supermarket (just in case of emergencies) - but I am sure you have many different varieties of your own for the various days, that we could use in the shoot. Panty-liners with wings can be very sexy - and useful to stop the spotting on the white cotton undies.

                      Oh, this is getting exciting now.

                      Bring on the blood!
                      Originally posted by padman
                      Hi again everybody...

                      What do you think of this idea...

                      As an introduction to the pad change to follow, the girl talkes a bit about her period... like how many days it lasts, how the flow rate are on the various days and she can show us the pads she uses during her period and tell us about them... Very cute, very sexy and extremely erotic!!

                      Kind regards,


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                        the time is now

                        hi, well, I'm waiting to hear back from Cassie as to when she's due for her period, then it will be filmed, then it will go in-line to be edited. So it's hard to estimate a specific time .
                        Originally posted by padman
                        Hi Annie

                        This is excellent news!! I can't wait for this to happen!! Maybe a silly question, but approximately when do you think the video(s) will be ready?

                        And also, please make sure the pad is really soiled before it is changed...

                        Best regards,


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                          hannah not here

                          You never know. Hannah is travelling at the moment but will be back in town when her purse is empty. I think Cassie is the ideal candidate - at least she's available as soon as she starts her period and is willing to fulfill the menstral fantasy.
                          Originally posted by padman
                          Annie, I just had a look at the photos you suggested... Hannah is very cute and sexy... and looks quite adventourus... maybe she would like to do a pad-change video and all the fun associated with it?


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                            If Cassie wears the thongs too, it will have my interest as well.
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                              thongs, not panties!

                              Hey Padman

                              Sorry for being so Aussie, but I meant thongs as in flip-flops, not as in undies (panties).

                              Have a look at the thread on thongs, not g-strings in the fetish area of the forum and you'll know what I mean.

                              I don't care what Cassie wears as undies - I just would like to see her wearing thongs on her feet!

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